Account Hierarchy

Hierarchies for financial reporting: Must be published to Essbase cubes. Child values in these hierarchies cannot roll up to different parents within a hierarchy as this functionality is not support when publishing such hierarchies to Essbase.
Hierarchies for allocations: Must be published to Essbase cubes. Used with Calculation Manager in creating allocation rules.
Hierarchies for cross validation rules, revaluation, Data Access Set and chart of accounts mapping:

  • Created within the same hierarchy and must be associated with a chart of accounts instance.
  • You can only associate one hierarchy with a chart of accounts instance, per segment.
    Such hierarchies can have the same child to roll up to different parents.
  • Do not publish to the Essbase cube since multiple child assignments are not supported in the Essbase cube.
  • NOTE: these hierarchies will not be available for reporting and allocations.
  • Only the tree assigned to the segment in COA definition will be displayed in the DAS UI.
  • Make sure to perform Column and Row Flattening for these hierarchies.

Security Rules: You can specify the tree and tree version to be used while defining the data security condition.